360°Glas is a modern classic company with its roots in glass restorations of church windows throughout the Netherlands. 360°Glas was split off from Glasatelier Hagemeier (Hagemeier Glass Studio). In its 40-year existence, the company has restored over 350 projects, building up a profusion of experience and knowledge. The owner of 360°Glas is Stef Hagemeier. He enjoyed his education as visual artist at the Sint Joost Academy in Breda. From his practice in working with glass, he has introduced countless technical innovations, including devising infra-red ovens. The translation to modern glass applications at 360°Glas proceeds via the classical pattern: “Glass is experience and knowledge”. The engineering of melting, bending and hardening ovens therefore takes place in-house. Together with architects and kindred artists, 360°Glas is able to discover radically new solutions within the architecture.

Haarzuilens, een van de 350 projecten