Glass is a natural material composed mainly of sand. Under the influence of heat, it becomes transparent; various oxides can give colour and chemical stability. In the course of time, glass has grown into an important building material. It is not affected by weather or wind. Glass’s character is strikingly illustrated by the 16th century Dutch Artist Jan Luyken. He made engravings of tradesmen and inscribed next to the stained-glass artist: “Life craves the right/To air and light”. We see this fascinating play in modern architecture every day. Glass is one of the few materials that visually has no problems with gravity. 360°Glas specialises in working with this transparent material. With our thorough knowledge of optics and mould-making, we are able to create an unrivalled play of light. In contrast to modern float glass manufacture, 360°Glas makes active use of uneven deformation in the glass. The two surfaces of the glass do not run exactly parallel. The deformations so created trap the daylight and cast their fascinating spell on it.

By translation into the material glass, 360°Glas has succeeded in responding to the freedom of form achieved within architecture through the use of advanced draughting programs and powerful computers.